Vegan Afternoon Tea at The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny

In September 2018, I went to The Angel Hotel for afternoon to celebrate my best friend Leah’s baby shower.

The girls did a fantastic job organising and the hotel did a great job of catering for different dietary needs. Apologies in advance if there are any details I’ve missed. I had the pleasure of visiting this establishment quite a few months ago so my memory may fail me but you guys should know about the options available out there! To note, we booked in advance so I’m assuming notice is required to cater for vegans. This is not an exclusively vegan venue, there are plenty of options for omnis!

I thought the afternoon tea itself was very reasonably priced. It was around £30 per person. It started with a little pot of fruit, then with 3 tiers of sandwiches and cakes, finished with a scone and of course, unlimited tea/coffee! I, of course, was provided with the vegan option.

As you can see from some of the pictures above, the quality of the food provided was fantastic. The top tier had some lovely savouries, including a curry style tart and a bruschetta filled leaf.

Top tier of savouries

The second tier had some lovely cakes including a poppy seed and raspberry cake, a chocolate brownie, carrot cake and a lemon cupcake. All of them were delicious.

Second tier of cakes

The bottom tier consisted of little wraps, the fillings of which I don’t remember, but they were fine. Fairly standard, but nothing special. It was the top 2 tiers that were the best for me.

It was finished with a warmed vegan scone covered in icing sugar with a side of strawberry jam, and was really delicious.

I didn’t finish everything as I had the 3 tiers to myself, but I was able to take what I didn’t eat back with me in a little box.

The service provided by the staff that afternoon was brilliant. Tea and coffee were topped up regularly and the ‘courses’ came out swiftly with no problems.

It was a fantastic afternoon and if you’re looking for somewhere in the area for a vegan afternoon tea, I highly recommend The Angel Hotel.

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