Swansea Vegan Mini Market (May 2019)

Last Saturday (4th May 2019), the Brontosaurus Vegan Lifestyle Store held the Swansea Vegan Mini Market in Swansea Indoor Market.

Tom, myself and my lovely friend Emily made the trip to Swansea to stock up on some wares.

The mini market was held right in the centre of the indoor market so it was easily located. It ran from 10am – 3pm and there were various stalls there, which this time round included:

  • Babitas Spice Deli
  • Sustainibbles Ltd
  • Ahh Lovely
  • Bohemian Chic Minerals Vegan Cosmetics
  • Mr Nice Pie
  • Dark Matters
  • The Brontosaurus Tuck Shop
  • The Vegan Box Limited

I picked up a beautiful, and funny, hand-stitched tote bag from Ahh Lovely. Really, I only picked this up because I forgot to bring a reusable bag but it was only £5 and I really love it! Ahh Lovely sell beautiful ceramics and frames that you can also by on Etsy. I recommend looking at their online shop!

Next, I reached The Vegan Box Limited, a hot food company normally based in Caerphilly Market. They actually featured on an episode of BBC’s Dirty Vegan, showing Matt Pritchard how to make seitan! They have an extensive menu in Caerphilly Market, and they brought with them a reduced menu to Swansea. I treated myself with a Doner Kebap with garlic mayo and it really hit the spot. The perfect junk food!

This was followed immediately by Babita’s Spice Deli. We love these guys. As Tom works up and down the country doing vegan events himself, he sees these guys a lot and has built a good rapport with them. They’re lovely people but more importantly, the food is outstanding! The food is fresh and non-greasy and filled with so much flavour. We took some home with us which we had for dinner and it was delicious!

My final mention is for Dark Matters and their indulgent brownies! I wish I took a photo of the entire table because I struggled so much to decide which flavours of brownies I wanted. I personally decided on ‘Maple, Hazelnut and Pecan‘ and ‘Peanut Butter Swirl‘. Tom chose ‘Raspberry Double Chocolate‘.

Keep an eye out on future vegan mini market events. I believe they happen once a month. It’s a good opportunity to load up on treats and snacks and possibly try something you’ve never tried before!

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