Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tanning Oil

I have to be honest with you guys, I am a complete fake and self tan noob. I had a spray tan once back when I was like 19 which I thought was great but I came out super tanned and never tried it again.

I have so many weddings to attend this year, 1 of which I’m Maid of Honour for. My boyfriend and I have no holidays planned this Summer which means no tan for me this year. I can’t lie, I look much better with a little colour on me and with this being a year full of photographs, I decided to trial self tanning!

One of my favourite Instagrammers is Nicole, the @veganbeautygirl. If you’re not already following her, you definitely should. Here is a link to her corresponding blog!

I read her post on vegan self tanning products last month and decided to take the plunge! My first wedding this year is June 22nd so I thought I’d get in early to get some practice in before the big day.

The first company mentioned on the blog were Bondi Sands (There are plenty of other brands on the post to so make sure you give it a good read to find out what’s best for you). I’d heard of Bondi Sands before. Some of my sister’s friends recommended them. They’d also made it into the press recently because of their Liquid Gold Tanning Oil not needing to be washed off, so I did it. I bought it! Along with their tanning mitt.

So the delivery came along and off I went to the bathroom for my first attempt at a fake tan! It was easy to use, even though I was really nervous about the outcome. You simply spray the fake tan over your body and use the mitt to spread it evenly across your body.

Before and After

I was really pleased with the outcome. I could see the colour developing after only an hour which was great. The website says the product is buildable and for a deeper tan, apply more product after 30 minutes.

I’ve not been left streaky and the smell is more than tolerable! I say this as I know most fake tans have a very distinct smell. The Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tanning Oil has a coconut smell, but there’s still a light fake tan smell.

It was only my first attempt so the fake tan left on my hands needs to be rectified but practice makes perfect!

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